Shopping in Morocco: 5 things that I regret not buying

shopping in morocco

Shopping in Morocco is a unique experience. The souks are full of beautiful carpets, plates and a whole load of stuff that you didn’t realise you needed. If you are a shopaholic, make sure you leave some space in your bag. I guarantee you will not be able to resist the urge to spend.

If I had my own place, I know I would have been returning with a suitcase full of new buys. However, I avoided buying more than some dried mint and a few tiny souvenirs. Mostly because I have nowhere to put it and partly because I’m trying to live more minimally. Here are 5 things that I (kinda) regret not buying when I went shopping in Morocco:

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shopping in morocco

A Moroccan carpet (or two, or three…)

If I had my own house and more cash, I 100% would have bought a carpet for each room. Although quite expensive, you are paying for the work and craftsmanship that goes into making each carpet. Each rug takes between 9 months and two years to make.

Not only do the rugs and carpets come in a range of different colours, but there are several techniques used. From embroidery to hand-weaving, some carpets even combine technique for a truly stunning outcome. It’s hard not to appreciate the amount of time that goes into these carpets. Each one is so beautifully unique. The sheer amount of carpets on offer all over Morocco means there is something to fit everybody’s decor tastes.

shopping in morocco

A beautiful metal lantern

Particularly drawn and truly mesmerisedΒ by the shops that lit up with hundreds of mental lanterns, I couldn’t help but despise the fact that I was travelling with hand luggage only. More than anything I spotted on the whole trip, I regret not purchasing a beautiful metal lantern the most.

shopping in morocco

A leather bag

You can’t visit a tannery in Morocco without being toured around a whole shop of leather goods. From jackets and purses to bags, belts and shoes, the tannery owners will do their very best to pressure you into making a purchase. One thing that I kept eyeing up as I was shopping in Morocco was the leather bags. However, I restrained myself after deciding my collection of bags was already large enough.

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Argan oil

Great for cosmetic purposes, Moroccan argan oil is a popular product to buy while shopping in Morocco. Made by locals by hand, argan oil cooperatives have provided stable incomes to hundreds of Moroccan women for years. At these cooperatives, the argan oil is used to make face creams, massage oils, nut butter and more.

Word of warning: do not buy the argan oil sold in the medinas and main squares of Morocco. Often, it is not real argan oil. If you find yourself touring an argan oilΒ cooperative at some point during your trip, this is the perfect opportunity to stock up.

A colourful plate

Because can you imagine the compliments at future dinner parties if I boasted a table full of gorgeous Moroccan plates? (I’m kidding, of course, I don’t even have anywhere to host dinner parties…)

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Tips for shopping in Morocco

When shopping in Morocco, be sure to bargain or haggle. It is expected that tourists will haggle for a lower price and the shop owners in the souks will not be offended. As a typical rule, start bargaining at around 25% of their asking price, but pay whatever you think the item is worth.

Often when haggling, I offer a very low price. When it is met with a negative response, I act as though I am no longer interested in buying the item because it is “too expensive”. This often encourages the shop owners to offer their lowest prices through fear of missing out on a sale. I have got some true bargains in the past from doing this! Try it out!

Have you been shopping in Morocco? I would love to know what you bought! Let me know in the comments below!


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shopping in morocco

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  1. I love the idea of all these things too…but i just don’t like shopping in Morocco. I’m too rubbish at haggling and the whole process stresses me out. I didn’t buy much at all there for that reason. πŸ™

    1. Oh no! I can see why some people wouldn’t enjoy it! I think it’s all part of the experience though πŸ™‚

      Although I couldn’t help but think I was a little bit ripped off sometimes!

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