Solo female travel in Morocco: What it’s REALLY like

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Solo female travel in Morocco and whether or not it is safe is a popular topic. For months, I couldn’t shake off the urge and want to visit this unique country. I had been seeing more and more posts from people I follow online heading to Morocco to haggle for goods in the souks of Marrakech, explore the blue streets of Chefchaouen and camp under the stars in the Sahara Desert. I was obsessed with Morocco and I hadn’t even booked a flight. For once in my life, there was something stopping me.

I had heard that Morocco was unsafe, especially for females travelling alone. After hearing horror stories, I was apprehensive. Yet, I felt a pull like no other to visit this so-called “unsafe” country. I wanted to experience it for myself. Was visiting Morocco as a solo female really as bad as people make out?

Not one to miss out on an adventure and convinced that people only ever write about their bad experiences, I booked my flights. I was going to Morocco and there was no way I was backing out now.

Fast forward several months and I had finally arrived in Marrakech, my first stop in Morocco. This was it. I was about to spend the next two weeks exploring a country that had been so high on my bucket list for way over a year. I was about to find out what solo female travel in Morocco was REALLY like.  A mix of nerves and excitement filled my stomach.

Solo female travel in Morocco: Is it safe?

As with any country, the biggest worry I had before heading to Morocco alone was if it was safe. Only this time, the worry was fueled further by things I had read online and the look of concern on peoples faces as I told them of my plans. I was warned to be very careful, not go out alone at night or better still, to not go at all. Apparently, solo female travel in Morocco was VERY dangerous and although I know the worry came from a good place, I was determined.

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Some people may see that as me being irresponsible, but I had done a lot of research. I knew what to expect. I knew that as a solo female I was likely to be hassled. I knew that I would receive marriage proposals and invites for dinner. I knew that the Moroccan women in the street would attempt to do unwanted henna on my arm. I knew that the locals would attempt to scam me out of money. I knew exactly what to expect during my time in Morocco.

So because I knew what to expect, I knew how to deal with it. I knew how to stand my ground and I knew how to say NO. So for the most part, I actually felt very safe in Morocco. However, a trip to Morocco with no uncomfortable experiences wasn’t to be.

There is a chance you will experience things that will make you feel uncomfortable

I was followed. Heading back to my room after exploring the medina of Fez, two men probably not much older than myself followed me back to my riad.

They couldn’t have been on my track for longer than a minute before I realised they were following me, but by then I was already on the street of my riad. In an attempt to get rid of them, I stopped and pretended to check something on my phone. As they walked on in what I thought was a different direction, I continued my walk.

As I approached my accommodation, I saw one of the men sat on the floor. By this point, it would be obvious where I was staying as the street was a dead end so I felt my safest bet was to head inside and discuss the matter with reception. Minutes later, I saw the other man head down some of the stairs in my riad. When he noticed me, he looked at me in a way that made me feel very uncomfortable and left shortly after.

Always look out for number one

Fuelled by anger that they had now tainted my view on Morocco and refusing to let them think their behaviour was acceptable, I followed him out to confront them. When they answered “no” to whether or not they were staying at the riad and tried to play dumb when I asked if they followed me, I very angrily (and loudly) told them to leave and never ever come back.

If I would have noticed them before I walked onto the street of my riad or if I felt they were truly dangerous, I would have dealt with it in a different way. However, on this occasion, I felt confronting them was the best thing to do. It worked. I stuck up for myself and showed them that I was not going to tolerate their behaviour. They quickly left when they saw I wasn’t happy and I never saw them again for the rest of my trip.

You need to be aware and always stay on guard

I knew that there was a chance that I would be followed. I had read about it online while doing my research. However, by this time I had been in Morocco for 9 days and until this point, had felt extremely safe. Even after the incident, I refused to let it affect my plans for the rest of my trip. I refused to let these men taint my view on Morocco. I just had my guard up 24/7.

I won’t pretend that I didn’t feel uncomfortable because I did and I have no doubt that my views on Morocco would have been entirely different if this had happened earlier in my trip. However, it is also important to realise that most Moroccan people are very kind and welcoming. By the time of the incident, I had a whole lot of experience of the locals being helpful, caring and respectful towards me. Tourism is great for their economy, so it is actually in their best interest to ensure you have a safe trip.

staying safe in morocco

By the time I arrived in Fez, I had experienced locals giving me directions with a smile without expecting money on more than one occasion. Myself and my tour group were welcomed into the home of a friendly local to eat lunch. I was taught how to say simple phrases in Arabic by a local man while on the train to Marrakech from Fez and many Moroccan’s smiled, wished me a pleasant trip and welcomed me into their country with open arms.

Don’t let the actions of few affect your opinions of many. There is always going to be bad people in every city, but I am a strong believer that you should never let that stop you from experiencing a country. What happened while I was in Fez has 100% not scared me off visiting Morocco again because…

Any bad experiences will always be outweighed by the good

That’s the beauty of Morocco. You may encounter one or two bad experiences, but the list of good experiences will be endless. From riding a camel to your camp through the largest desert in the world and sleeping under the stars, to visiting UNESCO world heritage sites. From hiking waterfalls to eating lunch with the locals high in the Atlas Mountains. From bargaining in the souks of Marrakech to watching the chaos unravel beneath you as the sunsets over Jemaa El-Fnaa with your new friend. Plus many more experiences that will stay with you for life.

solo female travel in morocco

Solo female travel in Morocco is extremely rewarding

I spent two weeks in Morocco and it was everything I imagined, plus a whole lot more. As a women travelling alone, I refuse to pretend that it wasn’t challenging because that would be dishonest. However, don’t you think the fact that solo female travel in Morocco IS challenging makes it all the more rewarding? Because I do. Living life constantly within your comfort zone would never be fulfilling.

Despite the fact that I was followed, I am still glad I went to Morocco alone. I believe that if I’d have gone with family or friends, I wouldn’t have experienced some of the highlights on my trip. I also believe that going alone gave me the opportunity to meet some great people. People that I may not have made friends with had I gone with loved ones and people that made my trip all the more special.

Do I reccomend solo female travel in Morocco?

Against all advice, I went to Morocco solo. Yes, I had one or two uncomfortable experiences, but Morocco also became my new favourite country in the world. Would I return to Morocco as a solo female again? YES! Do I recommend others do the same? Absolutely! IF you are an experienced solo traveller. Just do your research, take the same precautions that you should take in any other country and have fun. Don’t believe everything you read online. Solo female travel in Morocco is safe and it is a beautiful country that EVERYONE needs to explore.

Would you travel to Morocco solo or have you already? What was your experience and did you feel safe? What do you think about solo female travel in Morocco? Do you have any tips for anybody interested in travelling to Morocco alone? Share them in the comments below!

If you are thinking of heading to Morocco, but have some doubts then feel free to contact me. I will happily answer any questions you may have so you can make an informed decision. 

solo female travel in Morocco

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