Why making time for yourself is SO important

making time for yourself

Making time for yourself is so incredibly important. In this post, I discussed ways in which you can find more time for your hobbies and how that can impact on your life and general wellbeing. Today I want to discuss the importance of making time for yourself and the effect it can have on your happiness and health. Most of us lead extremely busy life’s and I can see how that can make it difficult for most people to squeeze in time for hobbies. As soon as you leave education and start to build a career working full time, free time […]

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Why you NEED to open up: The dangers of putting on a brave face

why you need to open up

This post was not an easy one for me to publish due to the nature of the topic. I am not publishing this post for sympathy, I just want to help others. If this post was to encourage just one person to open up and discuss their difficulties with a friend or loved one, it has been worth it. Please be kind and only comment if you have something nice to say.  I feel somewhat hypocritical to be writing this post as I find it extremely difficult to open up 90% of the time. Every time I actually open up to […]

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Why you need to stop striving for perfection


For days, I have pondered whether or not to publish this post due to the nature of the topic. After much consideration, I felt that this is a topic that many of us can relate to. It doesn’t matter what you do in life. If you’re an office worker, an artist, a blogger, a student, a stay at home parent or if you’re unemployed – negative thinking can affect us all.  ____________________ Self-doubt is a terrible feeling, but it is also something that we can all fall victim to. In this day and age, it is no surprise to me […]

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