The ultimate guide to visiting Copenhagen on a budget

Copenhagen on a budget

Although known as an expensive city, visiting Copenhagen on a budget is totally possible. There are several ways to cut costs while visiting Denmark’s capital. For example, staying in a hostel instead of a hotel, eating cheaply and taking advantage of free activities. This guide will share tips on how to visit Copenhagen on a budget, without compromising on comfort and quality experience.

Kastrup airport to Copenhagen city centre

The fastest and most convenient way to get from Kastrup airport to central Copenhagen is to catch the train or the metro depending on what station you are planning on getting off. If you are travelling to Kongens Nytorv or Nørreport, the metro is your best option which is located directly above terminal three. The metro runs very frequently and will get you into the city within 15 minutes.

You can purchase tickets from terminal three upon arrival from the DSB ticket machines using coins, notes or credit and debit cards. A one-way ticket into central Copenhagen costs DKK 36 (approx £4.23).

Copenhagen on a budget

Transport around Copenhagen

If you plan on using public transport a lot, you could save some cash by buying a city pass for the duration of your trip. You will then be able to take advantage of free bus, metro and train journeys from the moment you arrive in the city. The city pass not only gives you unlimited transport around central Copenhagen, but it can also be used to travel by train to places such as Louisiana museum of modern art and Kronborg Castle.

Tip: Most of the big attractions are within walking distance from each other. Unless you plan on taking several trips outside of central Copenhagen, it may not be worth buying a city pass. For example, if you plan on spending most of your time in the central area, but wish to go one day trip outside of the city, it may be best if you bought a 24-hour pass for that one day instead. 

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Copenhagen on a budget

Cheap accommodation in Copenhagen


If you are travelling Copenhagen on a budget, I would recommend staying in a hostel over a hotel. They are not for everybody, but hostels are a great way to save a bit of cash. Furthermore, shared dorm rooms are usually the cheapest option and you could even make some great friends. However, if you would prefer privacy, many hostels offer private rooms at a fraction of the price of a hotel.

Personally, I stayed at Steel House Copenhagen and it was perfect for my needs. Branded as a luxury hostel, I definitely felt as though I was getting amazing value for money. The decor was very tasteful, the staff were helpful and the facilities were amazing. It reminded me of a 4-star hotel I stayed at in Brussels, except I was staying in a dorm room.

Prices at Steel House start from DKK 125 per night (approx £14, €17 or $20 USD). To benefit from the low cost, book online directly through their website. Other popular low-cost hostels in the city include Dan Hostel, Generator and Urban House by Meininger.


In addition to hostels, there is also the option of couch surfing. For anybody who is not aware, couch surfing is a website/ community that allows you to get connected with people all over the world. It offers the option of meeting up with like-minded travellers all over the world. You can also request to stay with a host in their hometown completely free of charge. If staying in a strangers home doesn’t bother you, couch surfing would be a great way to save some money.

Disclaimer: I have considered couch surfing, but this is not yet something I have experience of doing. If you plan on couch surfing, please ensure you do your research and any potential hosts have positive references. 

Copenhagen on a budget

Cheap Eats

Food and drink can play a big part in how much you spend on any trip. While it’s important to taste the local dishes and enjoy your time in a new city, many people use it as an excuse to overspend where it isn’t needed. If you wish to explore Copenhagen on a budget, swap top restaurants and swanky cocktail bars for street food and supermarket trips.

Booking a hostel with a kitchen is a great way to save money. There is a 24/7 hour Netto in the centre of the city. Shopping here will allow you to do a cheap food shop and drastically reduce your outgoings on food. If you fancy a drink, pick up some alcohol from Netto at a much cheaper price than the bars.

Secondly, there is cheap street food you can pick up in between sightseeing. You will find several stands around the city selling the most delicious hot dogs I have ever tasted. Not only do they taste good, but at DKK 30 they are a reasonably priced lunch.

Copenhagen on a budget


Activities are an important part of any trip. They immerse you into the local culture, teach you about the city you are exploring and give you amazing memories. Memories that you will cherish for a lifetime. Popular attractions such as Tivoli and Louisiana museum of modern art are expensive, but budget-savvy travellers hoping to explore Copenhagen on a budget do not need to worry.

There are so many free (or super cheap) things to do in the city including soaking up the atmosphere of Nyhavn, checking out the little mermaid, joining a free walking tour, visiting Christiania or admiring the views of Copenhagen from the top of Christiansborg Palace.

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Copenhagen on a budget

Have you ever been to Copenhagen? Do you have any tips for the budget traveller hoping to save some cash on their visit to Denmark’s capital? Share them in the comments! 

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