A visitors guide to Christiania, Copenhagen

Christiania, Copenhagen

Christiania, Copenhagen is a self-governed community located in the Danish capital. Established by a group of hippies in the 1970’s, Christiana is a community free from cars with their own unique rules right in the centre of Copenhagen and is now home to approximately 800-1000 residents.

Over the years, it has become a hot spot for tourists. So much so that there is a map for tourists and you can go on a tour with a resident. In this post, I will be discussing a visitors guide to Chritiania and how you can make the most out of your adventure into this unique place.

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christiania, copenhagen

Information about Christiania, Copenhagen

Location/ address: 

Freetown Christiania, København, Denmark


Danish Kroner


800 – 1000 residents

christiania, copenhagen


  • Do not take photographs or around the area of pusher street. Be aware that drug dealers still operate in Christiania and there have been reports of attacks on tourists who take photos in this area. You take photos, but only outside of the green area, marked on the map in the guides.
  • In my opinion, the best time to explore Freetown Christiana would be the afternoon or early evening as this is when you will get the best feel of what the community is really like.

Christiania, Copenhagen

Food and drink in Christiania, Copenhagen


This cafe had some of the best soup that I have eaten in a long time. Their spinach and herb soup tasted great (would totally recommend) and the staff there were super friendly.


Although I didn’t eat there, the menu was full of tasty Thai delights at reasonable prices. A typical main dish cost 120-130 DKK (approximately £14-£15) which for a sit-down evening meal in an expensive city such as Copenhagen seemed affordable.


Another place that I didn’t have the time to check out, but somewhere that is highly popular among visitors to Christiana as well as the locals is Woodstock bar.

Cheap Carlsberg

Carlsberg is brewed in Copenhagen and Christiania is one of the cheapest places in the city to buy a bottle. It’s cheaper than drinking it at popular tourist destinations such as Nyhavn so stock up at Christiania if you plan on drinking.

Things to do in Christiania, Copenhagen

Visit the artist workshops and art gallery

For a small community, Christiania has an amazing art scene. In addition to a great art gallery showcasing the work of local residents, you can also visit the workshops and studios of the local artists and see them at work.

Chat to a local

If you get the chance, strike up a conversation with a local resident. I had the chance to speak to an artist that creates and sells art out of his shared artist studio within the community during my visit. It was so interesting to hear him talk about Christiania and he was happy to answer any questions that I had. It was one of my favourite experiences of my whole time in Copenhagen.

Relax by the pond

If the weather is nice, grab some food and eat by the pond. If you time it right, you could eat your dinner with views of a lovely sunset over the pond surrounded by trees and wildlife. It would be the perfect way to end your time exploring Christiania.

Check out the unique architecture

Most of the homes in Christiania have been built from scratch by the residents. I loved just walking around and checking out all the unique buildings.

christiania, copenhagen

Admire the street art

Christiania is full of super cool street art so if that’s your kinda thing, make sure Christiana is on your list of things to do while exploring Copenhagen.

Take a guided tour

If you feel as though you would like to gain a better insight into the local community of Christiania and what it is like to live there through the eyes and experiences of a local, guided tours are available.

If you are planning to visit Christiania on your trip to Copenhagen and have any questions, feel free to ask away in the comments or contact me by email.

Have you visited Christiania, Copenhagen? What was your favourite thing? Did you enjoy your visit?

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christiania, copenhagen

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