Why visiting Iceland should be on your bucket list


Visiting Iceland should be on every travel bucket list. From stunning landscapes and a chance of seeing the northern lights to incredible excursions and colourful views, Iceland has a lot to offer.

Last year, whilst booking a trip to Canada, my sister and I were informed that for no extra cost on flights, we could make a stopover in Iceland. As we are so eager to see the world, we just couldn’t resist. I’ll be honest, though, I hadn’t really considered visiting Iceland before this. However, I am so glad we made the decision to take up this opportunity because Iceland is a brilliant country to explore.

Here is why visiting Iceland should be on your bucket list:

Colourful architecture

When we visited Iceland in September, the skies were pretty grey. However, the rows of colourful houses in Reykjavik brought some charm to the streets of the beautiful city.

why visiting iceland should be on your bucket list

The view from the top of Hallgrimskirkja church

Hallgrimskirkja is a parish church in Iceland’s capital, Reykjavik. The church is a popular tourist attraction and it’s not hard to see why. After taking an elevator up to the top of the tower, prepare to be stunned by the beautiful view. I have climbed to the top of several churches and cathedrals around the world which boast lovely views, but this is my favourite by far.

why visiting iceland should be on your bucket list

Visiting Iceland gives you a chance of seeing the beautiful Northern Lights

Unfortunately, we did not see the northern lights, known scientifically as the aurora borealis. Of course, many people would love to see them, but it is impossible to predict when they will be visible. However, the best time to visit Iceland to heighten your chance of seeing the northern lights is between the months of September and April. Still, this depends on factors like weather.

If seeing the aurora borealis is on your bucket list, some websites recommend staying in Iceland for a week, at least. Although the country is known as a popular stopover destination, there is a lot to do. Stopping over for just a few days just doesn’t give you enough time to explore the true beauty of Iceland. We stayed over for just two nights and after realising how much there is to do in this country, we regretted not booking a longer visit, which brings me on to my next point; excursions.

why visiting iceland should be on your bucket list


Upon booking our trip to Iceland and up until actually arriving at our hotel, we were under the impression that two nights in Iceland was probably enough. We were wrong! There are several day excursions that you can experience in Iceland, including a visit to the Golden Circle. These excursions tend to last most of the day, which meant that due to other plans, we missed out on the opportunities.

why visiting iceland should be on your bucket list

The Blue Lagoon

If you are planning a trip to Iceland, you absolutely must visit the Blue Lagoon. Located in Gridavik, the Blue Lagoon is a geothermal spa and one of the wonders of the world, according to the National Geographic. We stayed close to the Blue Lagoon, just down the road at the Northern Light Inn. For anybody wishing to stay in Reykjavik, it is a forty minute drive away, but, totally worth it.

why visiting iceland should be on your bucket list

If a trip to Iceland is not on your bucket list, I suggest adding it right now. I will definitely be returning to this amazing country and next time, I will stay for longer than just two nights.

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Have you visited Iceland? What did you enjoy most?

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why visiting iceland should be on your bucket list

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  1. Oh, it sounds and looks so lovely! Iceland is one of the destinations, which I’m already planning to visit and review for my blog. It’s just such a special place, which definitely needs to be explored 🙂

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